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Norvell Solutions contain a natural color complex, consisting of naturally derived and organic ingredients, such as Vio-7 or a blend of biotanicals. Our advanced Ordonone technology effectively eliminates the common sunless tanning odor. Experience the benefits of multiple shades of bronzers that enhance your tan. Our products are Gluten Free, Paraben Free, Cruelty Free, Sulfate Free, Non-Comedogenic, and 100% Vegan.

Sunless Tanning

Sunless Tanning

Price based on a full body custom airbrush tan

Norvell Premium dark spray: $40
Norvell Venetian spray: $40
Norvell Double dark spray: $40
Norvell One Hour Rapid spray: $50
Norvell Venetian One Hour Rapid spray: $50
Norvell HydroFirm add-on: $5

Pre-purchase 5 spray tans and receive 20% off!

Tips for the Perfect Tan


The first step in getting a great spray tan is to properly prepare your skin. At least 24 hours before your appointment, shave or wax any areas where you want the spray tan to go. This will help to prevent streaks and blotches.

On the day of your appointment, shower and exfoliate to remove any dry skin. This will create a smooth canvas for the spray tan to adhere to. Be sure to avoid using any bar soaps, as they can disrupt the pH balance of your skin.

Do not wear any deodorant, perfume, makeup, or lotions to your appointment. These products can act as a barrier and prevent the spray tan from developing evenly.


When you arrive at your appointment, your technician will provide you with xLaTan pH balancing spray and barrier cream. These products will help to ensure that your spray tan develops evenly and lasts longer.

Once you are ready, your technician will apply the spray tan to your skin using a specialized airbrush. This process is quick and painless.

After the spray tan has been applied, it is important to let it develop fully before getting dressed or showering. The development time will vary depending on the type of spray tan that you have chosen.


Once the spray tan has developed, you can shower using warm water only to rinse off the instant bronzers. Pat dry and apply a tan extender to moisturize and help the tan last.

Avoid sweating, swimming, and bathing for at least 8 hours after your spray tan, and try to avoid chlorinated pools for the first 48 hours. This will give the spray tan time to fully set in and develop.

Spray tans do not protect from UV rays, so it is important to continue to wear sunscreen even when you have a spray tan.

Your spray tan will typically last 5-7 days when using the proper aftercare products.

Become a VIP Member!


6 or 12 Month Contract - $75

4 sprays per month
Sprays do not roll over
Additional fee of $10 per spray
for any Rapid solution

$75 cancellation fee

Indoor Tanning

Indoor Tanning

Get the ultimate indoor tanning experience at Sun Kissed. Our salon offers Ergoline tanning beds that provide the healthy glow you've always wanted. Explore our complete list of beds for their specific benefits.

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